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Rejuvenate with Bask Mobile Massage

Bringing the luxury of massage to your doorstep

Allow Bask Massage to bring the ultimate treatment to the comfort of your own home or holiday retreat
Bask provide a pampering experience, bringing everything to you
Then you can continue the blissful post massage feeling, even when the treatment is over

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 Elixir 60 Minutes 


Allow yourself to take time out to reduce tension, restore full body energy and relax in your surroundings.

Beginning with a reparative back massage, followed by a flowing massage to your extremities. 

Ending with a scalp and facial massage to leave you feeling balanced and realigned.

Relaxation/Medium/Firm Pressure available at your discretion.

Zone 1 $120

Zone 2 $125

Elixir 75 Minutes (Recommended) 


Reduce tension, relax and revive your aching body. 

Perfect for anyone who has a problem area needing treatment and also wants to enjoy a full body treatment. 

Beginning with a reparative back massage, followed by attentive massage to all your extremities. 

Ending with hot towels and a scalp and facial massage to leave you feeling balanced and realigned.

Relaxation/Medium/Firm Pressure available at your discretion.

Zone 1 $145

Zone 2 $150

 Elixir 90 Minutes  


All of the joys of the 1 hour Elixir massage, as well as some detailed attention on tension areas. Perfect for anyone who has problem areas or who doesn’t get regular massage treatment and wants to feel the benefit in their whole body.

This treatment provides relief to spots you didn’t ever know needed tending to. Also involving some gentle stretching and hot towels to leave you feel light and limber.

Once you've experienced the bliss of a 90 minute massage you'll find it hard to settle for any less.

Relaxation/Medium/Firm pressure available at your discretion.

Zone 1 $170

Zone 2 $175

The Cocoon (Pregnancy Massage)


Reward yourself and soothe your nurturing body by taking some time out for the all important mother.

Using a face down lying belly cushion, allow all the niggles to be tended to in an intuitive massage, designed to leave you feeling calm and light.

Relaxation/Medium/Firm pressure available at your discretion.

60 minutes 

Zone 1 $120

Zone 2 $125

75 minutes

Zone 1 $145

Zone 2 $150

90 minutes

Zone 1 $170

Zone 2 $175

Vasse Virgin Bath Salts 


Add on a healing and restorative treatment of bath salts to your massage. 
Enjoy a tranquil soak in the tub with the Vasse Virgin revitalising natural blend of Dead Sea, Himalayan Pink, and Epsom salts along with dried flowers, crushed herbs, and pure essential oils to provide a heavenly experience. Each test tube comes with a soft muslin bag if you would rather not float amongst the flowers.  Choose from either: soothing Chamomile & Lavender, refreshing Mandarin & Vanilla, or luxurious Rose Geranium 
50g $14.50

Zone 1- Busselton Dunsborough Yallingup Yallingup Siding

Zone 2- Cowaramup Capel Margaret River Eagle Bay and surrounds

Minimum 90 minute treatment for Zone 2


Your Therapist

My Background

Kate has been practicing massage since 2003 when she initially studied Beauty Therapy in her native NZ, and discovered her favourite element was massage. She then re-studied Massage (Cert IV) in 2014, which meant she could update and fine tune her skills.

Since early 2017 Kate has been specifically working in mobile massage.  Initially with the wonderful Joanna Beecher from ‘Still Beauty’ in Melbourne who is one of Australia's leading remedial massage talents and trainers. During this time she expanded her massage knowledge greatly.

Learning how to target deep tension in the body, deep tissue techniques using the strength of her entire body, as well as intertwining relaxation techniques to ensure the client leaves feeling tranquil and revived. 

A mixture of these learnings ensure clients receive the best possible treatment tailored to them. 

A family relocation to the South West of WA in late 2020 (her husbands native home) means she now gets to bring her skills and treatments to this beautiful region, which she now is lucky enough to call home.

See 5 star reviews in below link

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Kate was friendly, professional, accommodating and delivered a beautiful and relaxing massage. I would definitely recommend Kate to anybody looking for a mobile masseuse in the South West.

Ashleigh B


Purchase the ultimate gift for a friend or loved one through the below link, please get in touch or read the FAQ if you're unsure of included locations

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Get in touch

Due to the nature of mobile massage unfortunately the booking system is not live, however please message or call and you will promptly be replied to


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Thankyou, I'll be in touch ASAP!

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What locations do you service?

Areas Serviced Include

Zone 1- Busselton and surrounds Dunsborough Yallingup Yallingup Siding

Zone 2- Cowaramup Capel Margaret River Eagle Bay and surrounds

Please enquire if your location is not listed as this list is not extensive 

What do I need to organise for your arrival?

All that is needed is space for a massage table and enough room to squeeze around it. I can generally find a space anywhere! Choose a room that is calm, where you can relax (where possible.)

I am happy to massage outside in indirect sunlight when weather permits.
I bring everything needed for your treatment. Occasionally I might need a power point or an extra cushion, but the most important thing is you.

How should I pay?

You can pay via major credit card- Visa/MasterCard (preferred), Bank Transfer, or the correct cash amount (No change is carried)

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand things can arise, please give us as much notice as possible for cancellation and changes.
You will receive a reminder text and email 48 hours before your treatment, please ensure you cancel 24+ hours in advance. Any cancellation or changes made within this period will incur a 50% fee to cover the therapist time, and no-shows will incur 100% fee.
Alternatively if cancellation is within the 24 hour period we recommend you pass it on to a friend or family member to enjoy.

What oils do you use?

A blend of essential oils (currently lavender and ylang ylang), cold pressed almond oil & coconut oil. If this doesn’t suit you or your body please let us know prior to your massage and I can bring a suitable alternative.

Im Pregnant!


Massage is an excellent and effective way to help deal with the insomnia, hip pain, fatigue, headaches and back pain associated with pregnancy.

I love treating our pregnant clients to our relaxing belly pillow and a very necessary pre natal massage. If you are in your first trimester or have any complications I advise getting doctors or obstetrician clearance before a treatment.


How soon after labour can I get a massage?

As soon as your mother’s intuition tells you to! I believe it to be the best massage you will ever have.
If you have had a complicated birth or a C-section please gain doctors clearance first, just to ensure everything has healed as it should have.

Im receiving medical treatment for an illness or injury, can I receive a massage?

If doctors clearance has been given I am happy to proceed with treatment. Please be aware by accepting treatment I am to assume this clearance has been given, and any illness/injury has been disclosed.

Post Massage Care

I strongly encourage a high intake of water after your massage to aid in toxin removal and to avoid dehydration which can occur post massage and lead to headaches or sluggishness.
If you are able, a warm bath with a decent handful of Epsom salts is advised within 48 hours of your massage.
This will also aid in any post massage tenderness you may feel if receiving a firm treatment.
Most importantly, enjoy the post massage bliss and relax in it as long as possible.

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